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Middle School Teacher Spotlight

Hayley Proctor Middle School Art Teacher

Ms. Haley Proctor
Middle School Art Teacher
What makes your classroom unique?
I try to make my class a place where my students can come to unwind. They get to let their stress out and release that into their artwork, and hopefully relax them for the rest of their day. 
Tell us why you teach or about a favorite teaching moment:
My first semester of teaching I had a student who was an amazing artist but lacked the confidence to put their work out anywhere other than my class. After a few weeks of working with him and boosting his confidence he sold his first drawing. I'll never forget the excitement in his voice when he came to school and told me. Moments like those are why I love my job.
What goals do you have for your students?
Art is everywhere around us. It’s the design on your shirt, the building you're sitting in, or the video game you're playing. I do my best to make sure that each student knows art is more than just putting pencil to paper. I know that not every student is going to fall in love with art, but my goal is that they leave my class with a new appreciation for it.
Why do you like teaching at HPA?
I've loved working at HPA due to the family atmosphere and their support of the arts. In my two years here, I've been given the greenlight on all of my crazy ideas to spruce up the school, and it's a great feeling knowing that your administration and school trusts you and supports you.
What are the top 3 reasons families should send students here?
  1. Everyone at HPA is a family - anyone and everyone is always welcome. 
  2. There's a large variety of classes to take to find the true passions of your student.
  3. A great staff that is going to do their best to ensure your student succeeds. 
Tell us about yourself:
I'm originally from Indiana, I moved here after I graduated college in 2017. I'm a dog mom to a sweet pug named Remmy and I run my own small business selling my artwork and my designs. 

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