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Oct. Elementary Spotlight

It was a passion that started in high school for High Point Academy's Elementary Teacher Spotlight in October. First-grade teacher, Sale Buchanan, is in her second year with HPA. She always knew she wanted to work with children, but it was an admiration for the teacher-student relationship that pushed her to pursue education.
Inside the classroom, the goal for students is to be excited and spark curiosity when they are learning something new! "I love authentic discovery and try to find times when we can talk and explore topics that the students are interested in," said Ms. Buchanan. "We have had times in my classroom when one student's comment spurs the entire class's interest." It's also more than just lessons from textbooks in her classrooms. She hopes they have more understanding and compassion for those around them at the end of the year.
Working with some of our youngest students is a perfect fit for Ms. Buchanan. She says, "I especially loved the process of how our little ones learn and investigate their world. It's so fascinating, and it is such a great experience, being able to watch all of them through this process for an entire school year."
Congratulations on being the Elementary Spotlight for October!

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