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High School Test Dates

High School students and families,

As a public charter school, High Point Academy High School must administer several tests as required by the State Department of Education each year if your child is currently enrolled in one of the courses below. Additionally, the High School (HS) 1st-semester exam dates are included. The chart below shows the test name, dates, and grade levels required to take each test. These tests are one indicator of how well we are performing as a school, and we ask that you make every effort to have your child at school, on-time, every day, but especially for the dates listed below. If a student is absent the day a test is given, they must make up the test upon returning to school. This year, the EOC exams will count 10% of the student's final grade for each course. We thank you for your help in creating a positive testing environment at High Point Academy. You can also download this information by clicking below. 
 If you have any questions about these dates or assessments, please contact Mr. Collier by email ([email protected]) or call the school at 864-316-9788.

*The EOC/exam schedule has also been modified as follows:

  • January 11 - English 2/Writing
  • January 13 - English 2/Reading
  • January 14 - Biology
  • January 15 - US History
  • January 19 - 1st/2nd Block Exams
  • January 20 - Algebra I and 3rd/4th Block Exams
  • January 21 - Make-up day
  • January 22 - Make-up day

*Updated 1/7/20