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Summer Office Hours
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(Closed on Fridays)

High Point Academy

School Counselors

Counseling Department

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The High Point Academy School Counseling Department will work with all students, school staff, families, and community members as an integral part of the education program. These services should be under the professional direction and coordination of qualified school counselors and the school’s principal's administrative leadership. The school counselor's role is to promote school success by focusing on academic achievement, prevention and intervention activities, advocacy, and social/emotional and career development.

Students at each level (elementary, middle, high) have an assigned school counselor. 

Elementary School
 Kaytie Donald

Middle School
 Jordan Dean[email protected]

High School
 Dr. Tonya      Stone 

Career & Technical Education
(CTE) Coordinator
 Dr. Tonya      Stone 

Career Development Facilitator (CDF)
 Lee Sartor
[email protected] 

Guidance Program
  • Academic Counseling & Planning: includes the selection of a plan of study, placement into appropriate courses and programs, career development as well as participation in the CSE process as appropriate.
  • Post-secondary planningfacilitating the preparation and processing of college, scholarship, and employment or military service opportunities.
  • Crisis Intervention Services: includes counseling students in crisis (i.e., suicide prevention, child abuse, pregnancy, substance abuse) and providing assessment and referral to related support services as appropriate.
  • Student records: preparation of academic schedules and orientation of students to school procedures and learning opportunities. Maintenance of student academic records.

College Resources
S.C. Transfer and Articulation                       
S.C. Tuition Grant                                        
S.C. Technical Colleges                               
S.C. Information Highway                           
Financial Aid Resources
College Board’s Fund Finder                                                            
Athletic Resources
NCAA Clearinghouse                                    
NAIA Clearinghouse                                     

Helpful Links
S.C. Lottery Scholarship Brochure  (All S.C. Lottery Scholarships outlined here)
LIFE Scholarship  (Scholarship can be used at four-year public & private schools in SC)
HOPE Scholarship  (Scholarship can be used at four-year public & private schools in SC)
Palmetto Fellows  (Scholarship can be used at four-year public & private schools in SC)
Lottery Tuition Assistance  (Scholarship can be used at two-year public & private schools in SC)

Mental Health:  “988 is the three-digit, nationwide phone number to connect directly to the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline.