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High Point Academy

Emergency Information

Emergency Information

To report an emergency at High Point Academy, please call 911. Check our homepage for all Emergency Alert notices.

HPA safety plans include procedures for sheltering in place, school lockdown, and evacuation.

Lockdown & Modified Lockdown:

The school may go into lockdown when there is a safety threat on campus or close to campus. Our school may be placed on lockdown by law enforcement, school security, or a principal.

Depending on the type of threat, the school may go on lockdown or a modified lockdown.
  • During a lockdown, students and teachers are secured inside the classroom.
  • During a modified or soft lockdown, students can move inside the school but may not leave the building.
In the event that students and staff must lockdown inside the school, the following procedures will be followed:
  • Police and emergency personnel are called
  • Staff will gather all students into a classroom and begin lockdown procedures, keeping students away from doors and windows
  • Parents are notified and updated on the situation as quickly as possible through various communication tools
  • Information will be posted on the school website
  • Police will give the “all clear” when there is no longer a safety threat, and the lockdown will be lifted.
During a lockdown parents, family, and other visitors are urged not to come to the school until the lockdown has been lifted. No access to the building will be allowed during a lockdown for the safety of everyone inside. Doing so would breach security procedures and potentially endanger anyone inside.

In some cases, lockdowns may only last for a short period. In these cases, the school may contact parents after the fact to avoid unnecessary worry or panic.

An evacuation may occur in the event of a fire, bomb threat, or other safety threat in which it would be safer for students and staff to be out of the building.

If students and staff must evacuate the building, the following procedures will be followed:
  • Police and emergency personnel are called.
  • Staff will evacuate students to the designated areas.
  • Parents are notified of evacuation and updated on the situation as possible, including a potential student pickup. location through various communication tools.
  • Information will be posted on the school website.