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Thanksgiving Break is Wednesday, November 23, through Friday, November 25.
The front office will be closed on Wednesday.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Weather Closings & Delays

Weather Closings & Delays

This means weather conditions outside are best avoided by staying indoors. During events like thunderstorms, lightning, tornado warnings students will be brought into the building and held until conditions have improved and are deemed safe. Should these conditions occur during dismissal, students may be held inside until conditions improve. Parents who have already arrived may wait inside their cars or park in the designated area and come inside to pick up their children.


This means the school will open two hours after the regularly scheduled time. Students should not arrive before the delayed opening time (teachers will not be here to supervise them). The school will dismiss at the regular time. During the delay, parents/students should monitor local news outlets in case the delay is extended.


This means the HPA campus is closed for ALL students and teachers. All scheduled activities, meetings, and athletic events are also canceled or postponed.


If travel conditions become hazardous after school has been dismissed, evening meetings and activities may be canceled.


School days missed due to inclement weather will be made up on the designated date on the school calendar. In the event, the days missed exceeds the number of designated make-up days, school officials may deem it necessary to add days to the end of the school year.