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Clubs and organizations for HPA students are optional. Our teachers willingly sponsor these extracurricular activities because they are passionate about offering new ad exciting opportunities for students at HPA.

Most clubs have a limit to the number of participants. Spots will be determined on a first come, first, serve basis. A student who is interested should get a permission form from Mrs. Ruppe or Mrs. Strickland and return the completed form to the club sponsor/organizer.


This club will focus on group projects including science, engineering, art, and technology. It may also even include math. This club is open to students in grade 3-5 and will meet after school on the third Wednesday of each month until 4:30pm.

Sponsors: Mrs. Cargill, Mrs. Plunkett

Board Game

Students will learn basic strategy for different types of board games throughout the year. Participants will progress to more advanced games as the year goes on. It’s open to any student in grades 6-10. The club will meet every Friday after school until 5:30pm.

Sponsor: Mr. Thorton

Book Club

This group will agree on a specific book to read/study together and then gathers for refreshments and a deep-dive discussion about the book and the author. Students will be responsible for purchasing their own copy of the book. Students in grades 6-10 are welcome. Meetings are the first and third Monday of the month.

Sponsors: Mrs. Vanover, Mrs. Stone

Boy Scouts

This club will work closely with The Boy Scouts of America to sponsor troops at HPA. Boys Scouts is open to all grade levels. The club will meet each Thursday from 6-7pm.

Sponsor: Mrs. Junkins

Community Service Club

Students will work together to do community service projects, helping those in need within our school, community, state and abroad. Meetings may often be off campus. Transportation will need to be provided. Meetings are every other Tuesday between 3:40 and 4:30. It’s open to grades 4-5.

Sponsor: Mrs. Moore

Craft Club

Students will learn how to do basic crafts from inexpensive or recycled material if possible. Open to students in grades 6-10. The club will meet every other Thursday after school until about 4:30pm.

Sponsor: Mrs. Vanover


The purpose of the Dodgeball club is to provide a fun activity to students on a regular basis. We are open to students in grades 8-10. Meetings are the first Monday of every month.

Sponsors: Mr. Thorton, Mr. Armstrong


Our objective at FCA is to join together to experience weekly student-led worship, prayer, snacks, and a brief message to encourage HPA students in their faith. Students are encouraged to lead and be involved serving at FCA.  This club is open to all middle and high school students. Meetings are every Friday morning from 7:15 to 7:55 pm. No permission slip is needed.
Sponsor: Mrs. Purser and Mrs. Henderson


Fire Up Your Feet

We want to make walking a part of your lifestyle. Students can earn rewards for reaching walking milestones, participate in theme walks and join in a great conversation with guest walkers. Participants meet the second and fourth Thursday of the month after school until 4:20pm. All grade levels are welcome.

Sponsors: Mrs. Hoftiezer, Mrs. Carr

Girl Scouts

Students will work closely with the Girl Scouts of America to sponsor troops of scouts at HPA. All grades are welcome to join. Meetings are on the third Thursday of the month after school until 4:30pm.

Sponsors: Mrs. E. Smith, Mrs. Strickland


This club will be limited to 20 female singers in the 7th grade. Students will work on musical arrangements with the goal of performing in competitions. Girls will meet every Wednesday after school until 4:30pm. Transportation to competitions will need to be provided.

Sponsors: Mrs. Reavis, Mrs. Morais

Visual Arts

The club will offer students with interest in visual arts to come together and learn about art. The goal will be to create a platform for students to showcase their talent and expand their knowledge in art and art-making through different mediums. That will include painting, illustration, digital art, charcoal, and chalk, sculpture, printmaking, etc. Students will meet the first and third Tuesday of each month after school until 5:30pm.

Sponsors: Mrs. Harvey, Mrs. Hall


Students get the opportunity to design a yearbook spread that they can work on throughout the year. In addition to designing pages students also help out with various other yearbook-related tasks. Any students at the high school level are encouraged to join and given a role in designing the yearbook and helping to make it successful. Meeting times will vary as needed.

Sponsors: Mrs. Porter, Mrs. Henderson


Students will get the opportunity to learn about the benefits of yoga and how to apply it to their everyday life. They will learn different poses and how to link together to develop a practice. Participants will need to provide their own yoga mat. This club is open to K-5th grades. K-2 grades will meet the first Tuesday of each month. 3rd-5th grades will meet the third Tuesday of each month. Meetings are after school 3:45-4:45.

Sponsor: Mrs. Greer