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Elementary School Teacher Spotlight

STEAM Lab Teacher Ms Stacey Childers

Ms. Stacey Childers
STEAM Lab Teacher

What makes your classroom unique? 
This class is new to the Elementary Academic Arts team. This is the first year for the Elementary students to be a part of the STEAM program. This is a fun, hands-on learning classroom that will eventually turn into life experiences – and fun for all ages! These students will learn how to conquer goals at a young age that will hopefully teach them to become successful as they grow up.

Tell us why you teach or about a favorite teaching moment: 
I enjoy witnessing a student’s “a-ha” moment when they have figured out something on their own – and not having asked for help to get there!
What goals do you have for your students?
The main thing to learn in the classroom is the student’s satisfaction of completing a task by themselves and feel the sense of accomplishment. They are reminded daily that it is okay to make mistakes, overcome frustration, and find a solution. Tasks are being prepared for their future in learning how to think for themselves. They are learning on their own as well as overcoming a project as a team. They learn how to communicate with their classmates to gather a solution. Whether it’s building with Legos or programming robots, they will learn from mistakes being made to not only overcome them but to know that it is okay and learn from it.
Why do you like teaching at HPA?
No matter what aspect of the school I have been a part of, I have always been accepted and felt to be a part of the team. I also enjoy being able to work where my kids go to school – we walk in and out together!
What are the top 3 reasons families should send students here?

  1. The school is family-oriented.
  2. No matter the age of your children, they are all safe under one roof.
  3. Your child’s needs are of the utmost importance by the teachers and administration.
Tell us about yourself: 
I am married with 3 children. My husband and I will celebrate our 20th Anniversary this summer. Our children are all students at HPA. Our daughters are a part of the “originals” that began in 2014. I enjoy being a part of HPA athletics as the Assistant Cross-Country Coach. I enjoy playing sports as well as attend our children’s sporting events. I enjoy being outside most of the time - where I am usually taking pictures! As a family, our favorite outing is taking trips to the mountains.

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