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Return from Quarantine On-Campus COVID-19 Testing Site


January 9, 2022

Dear HPA Families,

Due to the number of COVID-19 tests we anticipate conducting this week, we have set up a temporary testing site in the gym to expedite the process and get students back to the classroom as quickly as possible. If you have a student who will be returning from a five-day quarantine period who requires a negative test result to return to class, please do not drop them off in the car line. Instead, please bring your child to this testing site located behind the school at the gymnasium concession stand entrance. To find this entrance:

·      Drive past the main entrance on Pottery Road and turn right on Old Lowe Road. 
·      When you reach the last entrance to the parking lot, turn right. (You will see a sign with arrows that says Bus Parking, The Den, High Point Academy Receiving, and Upward Stars Volleyball Center, The Luke.) 
·      Drive past the Stars Volleyball Center and blue fencing on your right and curve around behind the building. 
·      You will see a ramp leading to a set of double doors where students will enter for testing. (This is to the right of where the buses are parked.)
·      You are welcome to accompany your students while they wait in the bleachers.
·      Students who require testing must wear masks until they are cleared to return to classes.
·      If you drop off your student, please wait in your car until the student receives results in the event the student needs to return home.
·      If the student has a negative test result, they will return to class directly from the gym and the parent/guardian will be notified.
·      If the student has a positive test result, you (parent/guardian) will receive further direction from our nursing staff.
·      Student drivers must follow this same protocol and park outside the testing site while being tested.

Testing hours are from 7:15 a.m. - 8:15 a.m. If your student requires rapid-result testing for a new exposure or COVID-19 symptoms, please contact the nurses' office for an appointment at [email protected]. We have COVID-19 resources on our website, including guidelines and procedures, and a daily dashboard on our website. Thank you for your continued commitment to keeping our staff and students as safe as possible.

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